ASCA School Council Chairs Survey – June 2013

March Parent & Trustee Forums

Background Information
Technology at CCSD
Feedback (Forum 1)
Feedback (Forum 2)
Feedback (Forum 3)
Feedback (Budget Questions)
Cyber-bullying Handout
Cyber-bullying Tip Sheet
Cell Phone Safety Article

January Combined Parent & Trustee Forum

Background Information for Guest Speakers
Information from Dr. Wayne Hammond
Presentation by Dr. Wayne Hammond
Responses to Forum Questions from Dr. Wayne Hammond
Trustee Updates
Resilience Brochure

November/December Parent & Trustee Forums

Agenda (Forum 1)
Presentation (Forum 1)
Feedback (Forum 1)
School Fees Feedback (Forum 1)
Agenda (Forum 3)
Presentation (Forum 3)
Feedback (Forum 3)
School Fees Feedback (Forum 3)
Start Smart Stay Safe (S4) Presentation
School Fees Information
Forums Feedback Summary

October School Council Chair & Trustee General Meeting

Script for Animated Slide in Presentation
Background Information for Breakout Sessions
Feedback Summary
Trustees / School District Administration Action Report

New School Council Chair Orientation

Meeting Dates
Feedback Summary

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