Special Needs

Special needs students require special programs or services that are geared to their abilities. This includes students who are gifted and talented and students who have mild, moderate or severe learning needs, as defined by Alberta Education.

Individual learning programs are delivered either in a regular classroom or in a specialized program. Students with special needs should register at their local school. The child, once assessed, may then be assigned to another appropriate school.
For more information consult the Alberta Education document, The Learning Team - A Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs.

Satellite programs for jr. high students with learning disabilities:
St. Bonaventure
1710 Acadia Drive SE
Gr. 7-9
(403) 500-2062

St. Jean Brebeuf
5030 Northland Drive NW
Gr. 7-9
(403) 500-2046

St. Rose of Lima
2419 - 50 Street NE
Gr. 7-9
(403) 500-2071

Congregated schools for students with learning disabilities:
St. Anthony
4811 - 6 Street SW
Gr. 4-7
(403) 500-2013

Our Lady of Lourdes
1916 2nd Street SW
Gr. 4-12
(403) 500-2002

Congregated Gifted
The Congregated Gifted program, one of various gifted programming options available in the Calgary Catholic School District, is designed for gifted students at the junior high level. Students are identified as requiring specialized support to meet their unique learning abilities.
The Congregated Gifted program is currently housed at Blessed Cardinal Newman School and St. Jean Brebeuf School. It provides an opportunity for gifted students to work in a small community that supports their individual needs. Programming reflects a variety of broad enrichment activities that support students' grade level studies.
In collaboration with all schools, gifted students identified under the provincial student identification system at the district level are potential candidates for the Congregated Gifted setting. Students eligible for the program have the opportunity to register in the congregated setting in the spring of their Grade 6 year.

Please click here to view the program brochure.

Congregated Gifted schools:
Blessed Cardinal Newman
16201 McKenzie Lake Blvd. SE
K-Gr .9
(403) 500-2092

St. Jean Brebeuf
5030 Northland Drive NW
Gr. 7-9
(403) 500-2046