Special Treat Day Chapman’s Yogurt ‘N Juicy Pops Wednesday, April 16th!

juicy popsSpecial Treat Day

Please complete one order form per student

Return by 1pm Monday, April 7th

                                              ***no late orders will be accepted*** 

April 16th    Chapman’s  Yogurt ‘n Juicy Pops      $1    Yes ____

***made with fruit juice and frozen yogurt…this treat is peanut and gluten free***

Student Name______________________________________

Homeroom __________  Total _______  Cash ___  Cheque ___

Please use exact change, no change will be provided.  If paying for multiple children in one payment, please include an order form per child and attach to payment.  Cheques can be made payable to St. Brigid School Council.

Contact Sheila MacCarthy at maccarthy@shaw.ca if you have any questions.

We Day Fundraiser March 6th-April 16th

When the We Day students attended the We Day back in the fall, they were inspired by the speakers who spoke about a future where every child is free to reach their fullest potential through education.  As a group, they decided to organize a school wide campaign to raise enough money to build a school house in Kenya in East Africa.

At our Ash Wednesday Liturgy, each classroom received 2 cardboard school houses to collect donations.  For every $20 raised, a brick is purchased for an actual school in Kenya.  To build one school it takes 500 bricks.  The We Day students have made it their goal to raise $10,000 to build an entire school house.

In addition to the school houses, students, families and friends can purchase paper bricks with their names on them that will be displayed on the gym wall.  The paper bricks will create a model of the actual school house we are raising money to build.

We encourage everyone to get on board and help us achieve this goal.  Students can bring in change or if they wish to buy a brick and We Day students will be in the foyer selling bricks starting March 6th until April 16th.  If grandparents, neighbors and friends would like to buy a brick, they can send their name and money in with the student and we will add their brick to our model in the gym.

We will update everyone as to how we are doing on our school website as well as make announcements each day.  Thank you kindly for your support.