Statement on Tuesday’s Tragedy:

We at the Calgary Catholic School District wish to offer our heartfelt condolences to the families, friends and loved ones of all those affected by the tragedy that unfolded early Tuesday morning. Our prayers are with you.


Almighty ever-living God, to whom we never pray without hope of your mercy and love, be gracious to us and hear our prayers. Welcome into your loving care the young people whose lives were cut short by violence and embrace them with your mercy and love. Bring peace and consolation to the family and friends of all who mourn their loss and enable them to meet the lonely and painful days ahead in the strength of your love. Continue to bless and strengthen all who work in police and emergency services in our city that they may be sustained in their efforts to build communities of justice and respond quickly to the needs of residents. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

We Create Change

Our school has raised $1648.42 for a developing country to build a school.  For every $20 donated we are able to add a brick toward the construction of a school.  In the rotunda on the poster you will see 65 bricks filled in.  St. Jerome has enough money to send to build more than half the walls of a school.  Thank you for you generosity.

We Create Change

Family Vacations

A number of families plan family vacations in the spring when school is in session. We cannot agree to students missing large blocks of school due to a vacation during school time as the Education Act mandates that children are in school during the regular school year. Although the experiences gained on a family vacation can be extremely valuable, parents should balance this against the material that the children will miss while not in class. The experiential nature of teaching in the classroom today cannot be replicated in any homework assignment. For this reason, we do not routinely assign work to students who are on vacation during class time. We often suggest that students keep a travel journal that they can present to their class upon their return.