D2L (Junior High Homework)

Students & Parents:

As of Thursday October 6th, official access to D2L courses for St. Michael School has begun for Junior High students, parents and teachers!

Some important points to consider regarding D2L startup and planned use for the year:

  • Teachers have also only just received access to courses and have just begun the process of providing important learning resources for students to access during the year.
  • Initially, teachers have begun by posting homework assignment information in the NEWS section of each of their courses. Students will need to visit each of their courses on a daily basis to keep themselves up-to-date on current assignments.
  • As the year progresses, course CONTENT will be uploaded, GRADES will be posted, and other D2L tools such as CALENDAR, LOCKER and DROPBOX may be used in different courses.
  • Since course expectations and subject matter also vary from teacher to teacher, it is anticipated that there will be variation as to the depth and degree of how the D2L tools will be utilized within each course.
  • Students have been refreshed or shown D2L basic access procedures, and further in-class instruction will take place over the next few days, with a particular focus on Grade 7 students.
  • Further details regarding the use of D2L will be communicated in the coming weeks, including emails, a pamphlet, and a Parent information session.
  • D2L access requires a District username and password that each Junior High student has been provided with. Parents are strongly encouraged to visit the site using their son/ daughter’s student logon information.

It is anticipated that the continued daily use of the D2L website will assist teachers, students, and parents to be more informed and help students develop increased responsibility towards this online educational resource to supplement the daily instruction provided at school.

To logon, enter the student’s logon information in the D2L link on the right side of this page below the calendar.

Thank you for your interest and involvement with your daughter/son’s education.