Cheryl Low

Cheryl Low is currently serving her second term as a member of the Board of Trustees and represents wards 9, 10 and Chestermere. She served as chair from 2015-2019.

avatarTrustee Low has nearly 30 years of experience in project management and offers well-developed skills in leadership, strategic planning, communication and fiscal responsibility to the district. During her time as a trustee, she has assumed numerous leadership roles promoting and supporting publicly funded education at the local and provincial level. Trustee Low believes that promoting and protecting publicly funded Catholic education is paramount. With that goal, she nurtures the relationship between diocese and school. As an engaged parent and school council chair, Trustee Low also understands the importance of parents’ voice in education; she has acted as a facilitator for Alberta School Councils Association to support local parent councils across the province. Through her service, she has shown strong leadership, collaboration and consensus building; and proven herself as an exemplary communicator and relationship builder.

Trustee Low is a native Albertan with a strong Catholic background. Raised in rural southern Alberta with her five siblings, she learned the importance of hard work, community and faith and brings those key values to her work in Catholic education. The importance of family, giving of yourself, sharing your gifts and being an active citizen in your community are all part of Cheryl’s beliefs and who she is. She and her husband have two sons who were both educated in the Calgary Catholic School District.

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