Margaret Belcourt, Vice-Chair

Margaret Belcourt will serve as vice-chair for the 2016-2017 term. She is currently serving her fifth term on the Board of Trustees and represents wards 4 and 7. Trustee Belcourt previously served as board chair during her third term, and as vice-chair during her second term and part of her fourth term.

avatarFor two years Trustee Belcourt served as a director for the Alberta Catholic Schools Trustees' Association and has been a director and a volunteer for the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation. She has also worked on the district scholarship selection committee and Zone 5. Prior to being elected, Trustee Belcourt was a teacher in the Calgary Catholic School District for 35 years. While teaching with the district, she received the Alberta Teachers' Association Communications Award, coached numerous sports activities, participated in the national Forum for Young Canadians and accompanied high school students on European tours. She has a Bachelor of Education degree and a Master's degree in Education Administration.

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