March 2017 Parent & Trustee Forum
March 2017 Poster
March 2017 Presentation
David Irvine Handout - Raising Accountable Young People
David Irvine Video
School Council Feedback Summary

January 2017 Parent & Trustee Forum
January 2017 Poster
January 2017 PowerPoint
Dr. Hammond Presentation
Dr. Hammond Q & A
Dr. Hammond Handouts:
Strength-Based Parenting and Building Resilience in Young Children

November 2016 Parent & Trustee Forum
Parent and Trustee Forum Poster
November PowerPoint
What do you think?
Formative Assessment
Principles of Assessment
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Heads
Brightspace Pulse Info
Parent & Trustee Forum Videos
Table Talk
November Forum Feedback Summary
PowerPoint Videos - November
Meeting Video

School Council Parent and Trustee General Meeting - October 4, 2016
October 4 Agenda
International Travel Consultation
School Council Purpose PowerPoint
School Council Purpose PowerPoint Notes
School Council & Trustee General Meeting
School Council Feedback Summary

School Council Chair & Executive Orientation - September 20, 2016
September 20 Agenda
How to Run Effective Meetings (Becky Kallal ASCA presenter)
School Council Orientation (Secretary)
School Council Orientation (Treasurer)
School Council Chair & Executive Orientation
School Council Chair & Executive Orientation Summary Feedback

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