Administrative Procedures 


Administrative Procedures are the primary written source of our administrative direction. It is consistent with the Board Policy Handbook and an extension of policy in the form of procedures. This manual may make further reference to other detailed administrative documents that have been developed to provide specific guidelines on select matters. A logical flow of procedures is attempted in the categories. For example, criteria for student admission is followed by attendance area requirements, by various safety considerations, by the maintenance of records, by daily attendance, by supervision and discipline and, lastly, by evaluation procedures. Gaps in the numbering sequence facilitate the insertion of additional administrative procedures that may be developed at a future time. It is to be noted that the electronic versions of both the Board Policy Handbook and the Administrative Procedures Manual as well as any handbooks/manuals referenced are always the most current documents available.

100 General Administration

200 Instructional Programs & Materials

300 Students

400 Personnel & Employee Relations

500 Business Administration