Alternative Learning

We offer a variety of alternative learning opportunities for grade 1-12 students

St. Isidore offers online learning for students in grades 1-9, while St. Anne offers online learning for students in grades 10-12. Bishop Carroll offers the district's only self-directed learning program. St. Anne Academic Centre also offers U-Learn and Home Education. See the boxes below for more detailed information. 

Online Learning (Grades 1-12) 

We offer online learning at St. Isidore School (grades 1–9) and St. Anne Academic Centre (grades 10–12). Students who register for online learning are required to commit to a full year of online learning and must have access to a computer and reliable internet. Contact the schools directly for more information. 


Self-Directed Learning 

Self-directed learning provides students with flexibility, empowers them with responsibility and encourages them to be actively involved in their education. Students have the freedom to customize their program and courses to best suit their goals, abilities and interests with the guidance of their teacher-advisor and parents. Students follow the curriculum outlined by Alberta Education and progress through courses at their own pace. Students must also fulfill the requirements of an Alberta High School Diploma. 

At Bishop Carroll High School, students have access many facilities, including a state-of-the-art 250-seat theatre, graphics lab, refurbished visual arts lab, language resource centre that offers French, Latin, Japanese and Spanish and a fully-equipped fitness centre.

Visit Bishop Carroll High School or call 403-500-2056 for more information.

U-Learn & Home Education 


Students can take a variety of high school subjects online or through print courses to enhance their learning. Self-directed learning offers the same education as a traditional classroom and the flexibility to complete coursework in a schedule that fits their life. Students and teachers interact through the online platform Desire 2 Learn (D2L) and students can access curricular outcomes anytime. Students can also register in print courses when they’re offered. All students in a print course must meet with the marking teacher to set a program plan, schedule time to touch base and complete the course; each course must be submitted upon completion.   

Current students must request registration from their home school. For others who wish to return to high school to upgrade or take online courses, you must have previously completed at least three years of high school and be younger than 20 by September 1 of the current academic year. 

Home Education 

St. Anne Academic Centre is the designated site for any grade 1–12 student who is interested in home schooling or who would like to follow a program of independent study through Alberta Distance Learning Centre courses. 

Visit St. Anne Academic Centre or call 403-500-2012 for more information.