Attendance Area Consultations

A large part of our school opening process includes public engagement and consultation at Help Plan Our Future (HPOF) sessions. These sessions ensure opportunities for parents to provide input and feedback on attendance area development. 


St. Francis & Notre Dame High Schools

The district undertook a ThoughtExchange with its stakeholders on the topic of considerations to be kept in mind while balancing enrolments at St. Francis and Notre Dame High Schools from January 25–February 2, 2021. The district sought feedback on one question: 

  1. As the district makes a decision that will help balance student enrolments at Notre Dame and St. Francis, what considerations should the district keep in mind?

Past Consultations


New School in Auburn Bay
New School in Morningside
Our Lady of Peace School
St. Thomas Aquinas School 


Airdrie Student Accommodation
New School in Sherwood
St. Isabella School


Airdrie Student Accommodation
New School in Legacy
New School in Mahogany
New School in Skyview


New School in Silverado 
New School in Skyview 


New School in Aspen Woods 
New School in Auburn Bay 
New School in Cranston 
New School in Evanston 
New School in New Brighton