How-To Use Staff Forms & Resources

Forms & Resources

To make your life easier, we combined the website and intranet so you can find all the information you need faster and more intuitively. When you're signed in, you'll have access to our staff-only content—primarily within Forms & Resources—and Useful Links in the app grid (or waffle) in the top, right-hand corner. When you're signed out, you'll only see the information that our students, families and communities can see. Please email if you notice anything missing or that requires attention. To help you locate information, here are some highlights of what you'll find in this section: — Accounting: All accounting and fee forms, including BMO Spend Dynamics — Acquiring Products & Services: Acquire guide and guidelines — APs & Forms: Everything on one page — Buildings: Facilities request, maintenance, rentals and more — Communicating: District branding and marketing, promo items and school letters — COVID-19: All public and staff information and resources — Employee Information: Handbooks, benefits, payroll and more documents for employees — Healthy Living: EFAP and resources to stay healthy and well — Managing Media & Websites: Resources to manage new school websites and social media accounts — Managing Risk: Risk management, insurance, field trip information, etc. — Reporting Accidents & Losses: All the information you need to report anything on EARS — Safety: OH&S information and information to keep students and staff safe — Teaching, Learning & Supporting: Learning Services information and forms — Transporting Students: Transportation information for school-administrators and staff — Using Technology: PowerSchool documents, guides to troubleshoot HR Self-Service & SmartFind Express and IT forms and supplies Check out the boxes below which highlight some of the new features we created to improve your experience.