Green Certificate

High school students interested in the agricultural industry can earn up to 16 high school credits and a Technician Level Green Certificate for their chosen specialty. Students learn through an apprenticeship-style with a trainer who is knowledgeable in their chosen specialty. Students are tested in three training levels; when passed, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry issues the certification in: cow-calf, feedlot, sheep, swine, dairy, field and irrigated crop, beekeeping and greenhouse production. 


Interested students must have an orientation meeting with the off-campus teacher and a representative from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry; complete an Agriculture Workplace Safety course; and sign an off-campus education contract (a parent of guardian must also sign if students are younger than 18). Students can begin the program once an off-campus education teacher completes a work site visit and approves the workplace. Only sites that are safe, positive and caring and meet the requirements of related legislation, regulations, codes and polices are approved. 


Contact your school’s Off-Campus Education teacher or career practitioner for more information.