Information Technology

Technology provides students with access to information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn. It also helps students to explore new subjects and deepen their understanding of learning concepts. The following is information technology that Calgary Catholic students are allowed to use to support their learning.

District & Google Learn Accounts

We create two unique accounts for each student: a District account and a Google Learn account. A District account allows a student to access our technology devices, our wide area network, Brightspace, and PowerSchool. A Google Learn account allows a student to access Google Workspace for Education.

Technology Devices

We allow students to use their District accounts to access our technology devices. Our technology devices include desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. Sometimes, a teacher may allow a student to borrow one of our technology devices to use for education purposes at home. Please contact your child’s principal if you have any questions about this.


We allow students to use their District accounts to access our wide area network. Our wide area network includes access to the Internet. Access to the Internet can connect a student to other computer systems all over the world. We cannot control the content of the Internet. Internet sites can contain content that is inappropriate for a school setting, like pornography and information about immoral or illegal activities. We use robust filtering tools and teacher supervision to reduce the likelihood a student will access inappropriate content on the Internet, but we cannot guarantee this will never occur.

Brightspace & PowerSchool

We allow students to use their District accounts to access Brightspace and PowerSchool. Students use Brightspace to view their grades, but teachers can also use Brightspace to deliver course content to students. Senior high school students use PowerSchool to select their courses.    

Google Workspace for Education

We allow students to use their Google Learn accounts to access the Fundamentals edition of Google Workspace for Education. Google Workspace for Education is a collection of applications. Google divides the applications into two categories: Core Services and Additional Products. 

The Google Core Services students can access are: Assignments, Calendar, Chat, Chrome Sync, Classroom, Docs, Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, Jamboard, Keep, and Sites. 

The Google Additional Products students can access are: Blogger, Chrome Management, Chrome Web Store, CS First, Google Arts and Culture, Google Books, Google Bookmarks, Google Data Studio, Google Earth, Google In Your Language, Google Maps, Google My Maps, Google News, Google Photos, Google Play, Google Takeout, Material Gallery, SketchUp for Schools, and YouTube. 

Parents and guardians must consent for students to access each Google Additional Product. Please contact your child’s principal if you do not consent for your child to access any Google Additional Product.  

Other Applications

From time to time, our teachers use various other online applications in the classroom. We expect teachers to notify parents and guardians before they use a new application in the classroom, particularly if students will access the application themselves.

Privacy & Monitoring

No one (including students, parents, and guardians) can expect privacy when using our technology devices, our wide area network to access the Internet, Brightspace, PowerSchool, and Google Workspace for Education. As a general rule, we do not actively monitor student, parent, or guardian activity on our information technology, but we reserve the right to do so at any time.