Lest We Forget

Each November, our school communities honour the many veterans and fallen soldiers who gave their lives to preserve peace and our freedom. We remember their resilience, sacrifice and unwavering courage. And we recognize our continued responsibility to work for the peace and inclusion they fought incredibly hard for.

Please join us in prayer:

Lord God,
Father of all humankind,
as we mark Remembrance Day,
we recall all those who gave their lives
in the service of freedom and peace,
many whose names we will never know.
Grant them eternal rest
in the joy of your presence
and bring comfort to all who loved them.
Protect and guide all peacekeepers
who continue to pursue peace and justice
through selfless acts of service.
Help them to uphold the dignity of all life
and keep them safe from harm.
Lead us in our efforts to be makers of peace
in our homes, neighbourhoods, and country.
May we always follow the example of your Son
as we strive to live in unity 
and be instruments of your love.
Through Christ our Lord.

Our schools and worksites will be closed on November 11, 2020, in observance of Remembrance Day.