Registered Apprenticeship Program

We offer this program for high school students in partnership with Careers: The Next Generation. Students can complete their diploma while working as an indentured apprentice and building hours towards a Journeyman’s Certificate in one of Alberta’s more than 50 trades. Students usually enter RAP in the summer of grades 10 or 11 and work with an employer as an assistant. If students want to pursue a career in the trade, and employers feel they can be successful, students can apply to become an indentured apprentice. 

Program Benefits 

Indentured apprentices can earn as many as 1,000 hours towards their Journeyman's Certificate. For every 125 hours, students receive 5 credits up to a maximum of 40. 

Enrolment Requirements 

Students must meet with their off-campus teacher to discuss the program and get a recommendation, complete online safety course HCS3000, Construction Safety Training System course CSTS-09 (if required for trade) and submit an application. Successful candidates are contacted by Careers: The Next Generation for an interview. 


Contact your school’s Off-Campus Education teacher or career practitioner for more information.