Sep 02
Principal Welcome

My name is Travis Bonertz and I am honoured to be the principal of the Divine Mercy. I am very much aware that I am joining this dynamic school community at a time when we are experiencing unprecedented challenges to our society. I am keen to continue the tradition of excellence that Divine Mercy has known.

As an administrator, I strive to create safe and enriching learning environments for our students. I am father to three school age boys, so I am acutely aware of many of the strengths and challenges facing our children and families in our contemporary setting. I look to empower our teaching and learning community through evidence-based strategies, and I am not scared to be innovative with new ideas and teaching strategies. Using a growth mindset context, I am okay in students taking risks in learning and learning from their mistakes. In my role as your principal, I hope to foster a learning environment that will provide the best outcomes for your child(ren).

With respect to our present challenge of navigating return to school amidst the COVID pandemic, I am guided by Dr. Hinshaw in the understanding the 'there is no risk-free approach to living in a world with COVID-19." I want to reiterate that our district and school will be implementing several safety measures for the upcoming school year to mitigate issues/concerns.  The COVID situation is our reality and we will work to adapt to its challenge with continually updating our protocols and with the understanding that every decision will be rooted in advice from health authorities and district guidelines that balance the risk of spread against the benefit to the student. Lastly, in dealing with a COVID school setting, I ask for the school community to use kindness, compassion and understanding. There will be many challenges, but we can work through these challenges as a school community.

I look forward to having a safe and wonderful 2020-21 School Year.

Kindest Regards,
Travis Bonertz



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