Yellow Bus Registration & Routes (K-6) 

If a school is not listed in the box below, it does not have yellow bus service for 2021-2022. Please review the new K-6 eligibility requirements that comply with the provincial government's transportation-funding regulations.

Students must live more than 2.4 km from their school to be eligible for transportation. At schools with few eligible students, Payment In Lieu or Transit Passes may be offered instead of bus service. If you believe your child lives further than 2.4 km from their school, please inquire at your school’s office if you wish to pursue either of these options. Note: Not all communities can be served for transportation. Please inquire at your school before registering. 

Charter Transportation (Yellow Bus) Registration Forms 

Complete the form for the appropriate school year if your child meets all the criteria on the eligibility criteria and you wish to apply for transportation. Please hand deliver or email the completed form to your child’s school.

Bus Stop Additions or Change Requests

If you do not have a bus stop within 800 metres of your home and you wish to request a change to a current bus route, please contact your child’s school.